WPML Tutorial | Make Your Wordpress Website Multilingual

WPML Tutorial | Make Your WordPress Website Multilingual


WPML: A Comprehensive Multilingual WordPress Solution

WPML simplifies the creation of multilingual websites using a single WordPress setup. Select your preferred languages and begin content translation effortlessly.

With a starting point of 65 languages, WPML also allows the addition of custom language variations, such as Canadian French or Mexican Spanish, through its language editor.

WPML extends beyond posts and pages. It empowers you to translate a wide range of elements including custom post types, fields, widgets, menus, images, taxonomies, media, and even your site’s admin texts.

Adaptable Translation Approaches for Various Needs WPML caters to both individual creators and organizations by offering versatile translation workflows to suit different requirements.

Efficient and High-Quality Automatic Translations

WPML’s Automatic Translation blends efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and speed, reducing translation time by 90%. It incorporates a review process to refine machine-generated translations.

Supported by leading platforms like Google, DeepL, and Microsoft, WPML ensures top-notch automatic translations.

Controlled Translation Workflow

WPML’s Translation Management grants you authority over your translation processes. Opt for full-site automatic translation, apply it to specific content, or handle translations manually.

Expert Human Translation Incorporate a personal team of translators or collaborate with professional translation services partnered with WPML for that human touch in translations.

Multilingual and Multicurrency

E-Commerce WPML seamlessly integrates with WooCommerce, facilitating the creation of multilingual and multicurrency online stores. It supports a wide array of products and WooCommerce features.

Ensure a localized shopping experience for your visitors, from product listings to checkout and even in confirmation emails.

String Translation

Directly translate plugin texts and admin interface strings via WPML’s String Translation tool, ensuring translations are contextual and relevant.

SEO Optimization for Multilingual Sites

WPML enhances your site’s search engine presence in different languages. It supports various language configurations and integrates with leading SEO plugins, allowing for seamless SEO management in each language.

Performance and Compatibility WPML is designed for performance and compatibility. It aligns with WordPress standards, ensuring it works seamlessly with most themes and plugins.

Security and Stability

Prioritizing security and stability, WPML is routinely updated to align with the latest WordPress releases and security measures. Trusted on over 1.5 million sites, WPML is a secure choice for your website.

Dedicated Support and Ongoing Development

WPML offers extensive support in 9 languages and actively develops its platform, ensuring compatibility and responding swiftly to security concerns. When you choose WPML, you’re investing in a stable, efficient, and future-proof solution for your multilingual WordPress site.